Four Majestic 12 Agents 4.50
Four Majestic 12 Agents
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Majestic 12 (or MJ-12) is the code name of a secret committee of twelve scientists, military leaders, and government officials, formed in 1947 by the President of the United States to facilitate recovery and investigation of alien spacecraft, establish adequate defence protocols against threats from other worlds and to ensure that any evidence of contact with The Unknown is prevented from entering the public domain. In addition to the twelve core members, Majestic 12 also employs the services of mysterious special agents who carry out their orders. Clad entirely in black, these agents will stop at nothing in order to ensure Humanity is protected from alien or cryptid threats. Utilising technology obtained from previous alien encounters the agents of MJ-12 are equipped with highly advanced weaponry. Contains four figures: 1 Unarmed, 2 with pistols, 1 with rifle

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