Hopkinsville Horrors 3.50
Hopkinsville Horrors
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The Hopkinsville Horrors, also known as the Hopkinsville Goblins were extraterrestrial beings reported as having laid seige to a family in their rural farmhouse in 1955. The residents of the farmhouse described them as being around three feet tall, with upright pointed ears, thin limbs (their legs were said to be almost in a state of atrophy), long arms and claw-like hands or talons. The creatures were either silvery in color or wearing something metallic. On occasion, their movements seemed to defy gravity, with them floating above the ground and appearing in high-up places. They "walked" with a swaying motion as though wading through water. Of low intelligence, these creatures are more akin to savage little alien monkeys as opposed to anything with designs on destroying our world. Contains 4 figures approx. 2cm from head to toe.

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