Gonzales Humanoids 3.50
Gonzales Humanoids
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In 1954 two Venezualen truck drivers were attacked by two hairy powerfully built humanoids about 3 1/2 feet tall who clawed at them with three fingered taloned claws. When one of the men tried to stab one of the humanoids the knife glanced off as if striking iron skin.The creature then flung the truck driver a distance of 15 feet before retreating to a nearby craft with its companion and escaping. These 'Gonzales' Humanoids (Named after one of the truck driver witnesses.) Are nigh on impossible to communicate with, no one knows what they want or why they come to our planet. What is known however, is that they are incredibly strong, incredibly violent and as such incredibly dangerous. Contains 4 figures approx. 2cm from toe to top of the head.

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