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Here are some links to some websites you may find useful:

Wargames Supply Dump
The main provider of Retro-Sci-Fi miniatures, W.S.D.s " Dick Garrison Galactic Hero" range features Heroes, Heroines, Tyrants, Falconeers, Forest Men, Evil troopers, Heroic Troopers, Retro-Robots and Alien Invaders. Killer B Games figures are fully compatible with this range.

Hydra Miniatures
A company whose ranges include a 28mm Retro-Raygun range covering the adventures of Ace Mcguire and his Galacteers.

Pulp Figures
The foremost manufacturer of Pulp Era miniatures and the company that sparked my initial interest in the Pulp genre. Pulp Figures provides virtually every figure you could need for gaming two fisted adventures in the 1920s and 30s. The range also includes excellent Pulpy Sci-Fi figures such as the Radon Zombies!

Outpost Wargames Services 

A great company who stock the Geezers range and also stock building frontages ideal for Geezers scenarios. They also do a number of other historical figures such as the fantastic Highwaymen range.

Brad Shier
One of the Killer B Games sculptors.(Mecha-Men, Cygnus and the Protectorate Guards) Brad produces excellent work for various manufacturers including W.S.D.