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Now in Stock: INVASION X Rules, Aliens and MJ-12 agents  

3 Roswell Greys (Armed)      

3 Roswell Greys (Unarmed)        

  Alien Spacemen with Pistols

Alien Spacemen with Rifles

                      Majestic 12 Agents      


Hopkinsville Horrors

                       Gonzales Humanoids


 Postage costs have been hitting us hard at Killer B Towers and as such we are changing our prices as regards postage for rule books. UK postage prices will remain the same but from now on the cost of sending rule books overseas will be changing. In order to do this I ask that anyone from outside the UK wishing to order a rule book get in touch with us and we will send you a Paypal Invoice with the postage cost.

The postage costs will now be:


Geezers Royale is a grande tome and as such postage for this rule book will be


Apologies for the inconvenience. These prices are still less than the actual postage prices. 

**Unfortunately we can no longer post rule books to the United States or Canada. Our American and Canadian customers should of course order from Recreational Conflict**       


Hello and thanks for calling in at Killer B Games. At Present we are a company specialising in wargames miniatures and rules for the Golden Age of Sci-Fi as well as rules and figures covering the high octane kipper tie fuelled action of 1970s  Cops and Robbers. At present our principle projects are:


A set of generic retro sci-fi wargames rules entitled GALACTIC ADVENTURES IN THE FOURTH DIMENSION OF THE FORBIDDEN ZONE or G.A.F.D.O.Z for short.
To accompany G.A.F.D.O.Z. we present two ranges of miniatures focusing on the Adventures of Captain Gamma and the Proton Rangers, a rip roaring space opera set in the distant future,and the Gallant Galactic Explorers of Star Patrol

 GEEZERS!”Shut it!”

 28mm Skirmish rules for Coppers, Blaggers and shooters on the streets of 1970s Britain. Rules include:Police interviews,Court, Evidence and Car Chases.There is also a 1980s supplement entitled Vice Palms featuring additional rules such as Undercover Cops, Vigilantes,Helicopters and Speed Boats.  Our Geezers figures are 28mm and our GAFDOZ figures on average about 28mm to 32mm (For an average human.)

Our U.S. Stockist is: Recreational Conflict